who we are 


Our story starts with George Fesq arriving in Sydney with barrels of his uncle’s negociant wines, ready to sell. It was 1848. He found things agreeable enough that he sent word back to Bordeaux to ship more wine to him, as he wasn’t returning.

Over the generations, the business has specialised in wholesale distribution, staying independent and family owned throughout. It is currently managed by the sixth generation, with Sandy, David and Harriet Fesq each working in the company.

In 2015, with a view to offering a specially portfolio of emerging brands, we added Vigorous Brothers Wine Merchants to sit alongside Fesq & Company.

Today, we reach every licensed customer in Australia, with a true skill set in premium brand building, brand management, trade sales and communications. We are based in Sydney, with sales and marketing staff in each major city.

We are always ready to tell you more about what we do, how we can help and why we think we are a partner for whatever your creative and commercial goals may be, whether you’re a winery, restaurateur, retailer or the like. 

More than ever, in this time of challenges, are we focussed on the future.

All the best,

David Fesq 


David, Harriet and Sandy Fesq. The sixth generation to lead the business. 


We have always been based in Sydney. Starting near Circular Quay and the Rocks and then into southern Sydney. We currently work out of the famed Waterview Wharf buildings in Balmain, and use warehousing and logistics partners in every state in Australia. 


Contact: David Fesq at dfesq@fesq.com.au