Sydney HQ - 9/37 Nicholson St, Balmain East 2041

It's always great to receive visitors to our office and share more about what we do. Over the many decades we've had homes across various parts of Sydney, as we follow our changing needs. In 2021 we relocated to the historic neighbourhood of Balmain, in the inner-west of Sydney. 

Balmain is a suburb that is very close to the Sydney CBD, yet is almost surrounded by water. It was historically a vibrant waterfront working suburb; with shipbuilding, oil refining, fishing and power production. Many remnants of these old industries remain, including the site of our current office - The Waterview Wharf Workshops. It was used for large scale shipbuilding through the early 20th century, up until the 1960s.

To find us - aim for Nicholson St, Balmain East, and park wherever is possible on the street. There is 2-hour free parking, which is generally not hard to find.

At the end of the street you will see a building marked #37. If you follow the stairs down to the left of this, all the way to the water, you will find us on the ground floor of the yellow building. Access is through the side or front. 

You can call us on 0293131888 if required. 


Who to contact?

David Fesq