Vino Volta Chenin Blanc Piquette 375ml can 16pk 2021

Vino Volta Chenin Blanc Piquette 375ml can 16pk 2021

Vino Volta Chenin Blanc Piquette 375ml can 16pk 2021
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Winery Details

    Small batch, lo-fi winemaking, highlighting the star varietals of the region; Chenin Blanc and Grenache.

    A relatively new producer on the scene, Vino Volta aim to make approachable medium-bodied wines with a low impact approach in both the vineyard, and the winery. This is the wine-child of Garth Cliff, and Kirsten McGann, partners in life and business. Garth has been making wine for the past 20 years, the last 10 with Houghton in the Swan Valley, which allowed him to gain great insight and appreciation for the region. Kirsten, also a wine industry lifer, handles the hard stuff, while garth focuses on the winemaking. Modern, bright and highly drinkable, Vino Volta is a producer we are very excited to grow with.

    “Garth Cliff, a quiet revolutionary in the Swan Valley. Or something like that. I like this energy around the region and a willingness to innovate. Kudos... If we can help inspire the Swan to do more of this I would be pretty happy – that’s the main idea with this range of wines."
    Mike Bennie - The Wine Front

    While there is not much more wine Vino Volta can produce based on their region and fruit access, Winemaker Garth Cliff still likes the opportunity to try new things, explore and push boundaries.

    Late last year we had a discussion about Piquette, and he floated the idea of producing one in 2021. And just like that, with Swan being one of the earliest regions in Australia to go to harvest, we are excited to bring it to you already!

    Piquette is the quintessential ‘something from nothing’ creation. Made by adding water to the grape marc left over after pressing to permit a second fermentation, the result is a naturally simple, lower-alcohol (~5%) wine that competes admirably in the sour beer category. Light-hearted, unfussy, refreshing and frugal... Really just something super refreshing, easy-going and absolutely delicious.

    We’ve got two for you;
    375ml x 16 per case. $75.50 LUC per case.
    2021 Piquette (Chenin skins)
    2021 Pinquette (Grenache skins)

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