Underground Spirits Signature Gin

Underground Spirits Signature Gin

Underground Spirits Signature Gin
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Distillery Details

    In less than 2 years this Canberra-based distillery has revolutionised the definition of refined spirits, with a patented sub-zero, sub-micron filtration process, which creates an unbelievably smooth product. Sourcing and utilizing native Australian botanicals, as well as pristine Snowy Mountains water, the team at Underground have raised the bar for the Australian spirit industry.

Press Review

    Their biggest point of difference is their distillation process. Angstmann has created his own technique - the patent is pending - which they combine with medical grade equipment and surgical precision.

    The process involves a submicron, subzero filtration technique - in layman's terms, extreme freezing, and the liquid gets so cold that they can remove the aldehydes from the liquor.

    And you can taste the difference. The result is a much cleaner, smoother finish. It's more flavour, and less burning.

    Source: Jill Hogan- Good Food