Shy Susan Chardonnay 12pk 2016

Shy Susan Chardonnay 12pk 2016

Shy Susan Chardonnay 12pk 2016
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Winery Details

    After working with Tasmanian fruit for nearly two decades, Glenn James with his wife, Jo Marsh, have released a range of truly unique wines from some of Tasmania’s most exciting vineyards. Glenn's role as Chief Winemaker for Winemaking Tasmania comes with some pretty good perks, not least of which is the ability to year-on-year, see which vineyards are producing the best fruit. This access has given Glenn and Jo the ability to pick and choose from the 'best of the best', and attack the Shy Susan project with a no-compromise approach. Select small parcels of fruit are crafted to reflect variety, vineyard and the stylistic approach forged from Glenn’s skill and experience.

Press Review

    “This wine is my lifeline knowledge of chardonnay making in a bottle,” winemaker – and co-owner of Shy Susan wines – Glenn James says as he pours a glass of his new prize-winning Shy Susan Chardonnay. It’s a selection of two chardonnay barrels out of 50, the grapes sourced from the Tasman Peninsula and the Coal River Valley. Glenn James has been there and done that with Australian chardonnay, having worked among others for Hardy’s and Southcorp. “I was the first to put Tasmanian chardonnay into Eileen Hardy, and the first to put Tasmanian fruit into Yattarna.” This wine sees no new oak. I only saw the wine briefly but here are my notes.

    Cedarwood, cream, melon, white peach. Milky chardonnay. Long chardonnay, Mellifluous chardonnay. Add these together and you have yourself a sensational wine. Laced with fennel, ever so gorgeously textured, a long sail of flavour to close. I took one sniff, one sip, and did not require any further convincing. 

    96 points

    Source: Campbell Mattinson- Winefront