Seresin Osip Pinot Noir 12pk 2016

Seresin Osip Pinot Noir 12pk 2016

Seresin Osip Pinot Noir 12pk 2016
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Winery Details

    *Available NSW*

    Cinematographer Michael Seresin’s desire to create high quality wine in the most natural way possible led to the rise of Seresin Estate in the early 1990s – a wine estate that has ever since followed the principals of biodynamic and organic farming and winemaking. Allowing the wines a little extra time, not only adds savouriness, mouth-watering textures and flavours, but also shows the unique sense of place the wines come from.

Press Review

    Seresin Osip Pinot Noir 2016

    Seresin has a track record as a producer of fine wines and is a leading entity in New Zealand organic/biodynamic grape farming. This wine takes their minimal intervention winemaking to the next logical step, with no sulphur added in winemaking. It’s also picked a bit earlier than the standard pinot noir releases, for lower alcohol (not much) and higher acidity (feels a fair bit higher).
    Refreshing, almost bracing, red wine of crisp tannin, tangy acidity, tart, clear, red cherry fruit character. Lean in the palate, it’s a zingy red of transparent fruit character, light wood-clove spice notes, some nice smudged texture to finish. Very fresh feel here, indeed, so zesty it’s almost a bit too much. That being said, the vitality can’t be faulted. Decent drink.

    Rating: 90 Points

    Source: Mike Bennie, The Wine Front