Noisy Ritual Pinot Gris 12pk 2021

Noisy Ritual Pinot Gris 12pk 2021

Noisy Ritual Pinot Gris 12pk 2021
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Winery Details

    What started as a lark when Alex, and Cam found an old concrete fermenter in the basement of Cams rented house, has turned into something much bigger, a unique urban winery in Melbourne.

    Woking out of their Brunswick Urban Winery in Melbourne, Alex and Cam now produce wines from a number of Victorian regions. Focussing on natural ferments, and lo-fi winemaking, the Noisy Ritual project has grown into something all encompassing, with a bar and restaurant attached to the winery. These wines are fun, and easy drinking, not made for the cellar but rather for youthful drinking any day of the week.

Press Review

    Noisy Ritual Pinot Gris 2021
    Alex and Cam are two mates who worked out that making wine in the city of Melbourne might just be a good idea. Ipso, Noisy Ritual is an urban winery, event space, cellar door and party zone that releases an array of avant garde/quality wine. This one is King Valley gris. It’s a simple and yet inherently pleasing wine, no offence taken, no rise in pulse, but a moreish, soft, nashi pear sweet-bitterness in scents and flavours that rolls along nice and fresh. Easy drinking personified, all a smooth ride. This over any ‘commercial’ gris at the price point, absolutely.
    Rating: 90 Points
    Source: Mike Bennie, The Winefront