Nik Weis Bockstein (GG) 12pk 2016

Nik Weis Bockstein (GG) 12pk 2016

Nik Weis Bockstein (GG) 12pk 2016
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Winery Details

    *Available March 2018*

    'con natura – no invicem', with nature and not against it, is the motto of winemaker and proprietor Nik Weis from St. Urbans-Hof, when he speaks about his wines and his philosophy. His mission is to recultivate some of the oldest vineyards in the region, trying to restore these beautiful ‘frescos’ and bringing them back to their former glory to let the special terroir of each side shine through. Read More

Press Review

    Nik Weis Bockstein 12pk 2016

    Site-typical orange peel and mint inform a penetrating nose and an at once piquant and cooling palate. There is some of the glycerol-richness bordering on oiliness that was noted in this year’s Saarfeilser Grosses Gewächs, but here that is accompanied by welcome primary juiciness of lemon and orange, which sets up a delightful and not at all inharmonious contrast with the wine’s richness of texture, and insures that the impressively sustained finish will deliver at least a modicum of refreshment. Taken together with pit piquancy, black tea smokiness, and nips of cress, the finishing effect is fortunately also quite zesty and invigorating. And at just 12% alcohol, there is certainly no heaviness.

    Source: David Schildknecht, VINOUS (2016)