Moss Wood Ribbon Vale Chardonnay 12pk 2021 (On Premise, Allocation only)

Moss Wood Ribbon Vale Chardonnay 12pk 2021 (On Premise, Allocation only)

Moss Wood Ribbon Vale Chardonnay 12pk 2021 (On Premise, Allocation only)
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Winery Details

    Proprietors and winemakers, Clare and Keith Mugford, have established an internationally recognised Margaret River landmark, with a focus on Cabernet Sauvignon. Being part of the Langton’s ‘Exceptional’ ranking since 1991 and other internationally respected wine awards, the couple has also proven that other Moss Wood wines, like Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Semillons, showcase exceptional quality and longevity.

Press Review

    Moss Wood Ribbon Vale Chardonnay 2021
    Gorgeously styled and enticing, the bouquet shows ripe peach, fig, lemon peel, nougat and roasted hazelnut aromas, leading to a wonderfully weighted palate offering seductive complexity and expansive mouthfeel. Sophisticated and irresistibly appealing with seamless flow and a prolonged complex finish.  
    Rating: 96 Points
    Source: Sam Kim, Wine Orbit

    Moss Wood Ribbon Vale Chardonnay 2021
    A new wine from Moss Wood.
    Rich, slippery, full-flavoured style. Melon and peach, Jersey caramel, some sweet spicy wood. It’s glossy and buttery, but has bright enough acidity, lots of Chardonnay flavour here, in with spiced biscuits and maybe a little lemon zest and aniseed, pulls a bit flinty on the finish, and again plenty of buttered peach flavour in the aftertaste. I like it, though you have to like a fuller, more opulent style of Chardonnay.
    Rated : 93 Points
    Source: Gary Walsh, The Winefront

    Moss Wood Ribbon Vale Chardonnay 2021
    Here it is! The first ever release of Moss Wood Ribbon Vale Chardonnay. Interesting origin story – the high winds coming off the ocean have traditionally prevented the successful cultivation of Chardonnay in Moss Wood ‘s Ribbon Vale (RV) vineyard.
    20 years ago the Mugford’s planted trees on the southerly border as wind breakers which have improved ripening of all the vineyard’s varietals Merlot Cabernet and Sauv Blanc but also allowed Chardonnay to thrive. The 2021 Moss Wood RV Chardonnay is made in a more or less identical fashion to Moss Wood Chardonnay.
    A fine line of citrus and stone fruit runs through the wine from start to finish. The oak fermentation and ageing in 25% new French new barrels adds to but doesn’t impose on the fruit. It’s powerful and full bodied with the depth of fruit you find in the best Chardonnay’s from Margaret River. Moss Wood planted Chardonnay as far back as 1976 so they know the varietal and terroir intimately. No surprise then that the inaugural release of Moss Wood Ribbon Vale Chardonnay will nestle comfortably in amongst the best whites from the region and age for 10+ years with ease.
    Rating: 4.5/5 stars