Dodgy Bros GSM 6pk 2017 - VIC only

Dodgy Bros GSM 6pk 2017 - VIC only

Dodgy Bros GSM 6pk 2017 - VIC only
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*VIC only*
Winery Details

    Take a viticulturist, a grower and a winemaker. Add plenty of beer, some ‘out-of-hours’ winemaking for private consumption, and a healthy dose of self-deprecation, and what you get are the Dodgy Brothers. The three brothers Dodgy are: Wes Pearson, Canadian winemaker, ageing skateboarder (he won’t mind us saying that!), ice hockey tragic, and crafter of modern interpretations of classic McLaren Vale styles; Peter Bolte, viticulturist of over 30 vintages, and original Dodgy; and Peter Somerville, laconic grower of some of the finest fruit in the Vale, and official Dodgy number cruncher. We love the Dodgy wines for the twists and turns: a Cabernet blend that casts Cabernet Franc in the leading role; a Sangiovese made with a winemaking nod to Beaujolais; and a dry, misty little GSM Rosé. And all utterly delicious, of course!

Press Review

    Those Dodgy Bros bros are pretty interesting, colourful characters; well, at least for me they are. This one comes with a sticker that says ‘ICE CREAM’ and ‘70% Butter Pecan, 18% French Vanilla, 12 % Chocolate Deluxe’ which one would assume is the variety breakdown for the G the S and the M in this wine. I like it.

    Has a richness and decidedly dark fruit character. Hit of spice, choc-mocha, cassis, ripe raspberries. Sloshy and sweet to taste; almost sticky with fruit character but the wine manages a brisk, herbal acid tickle to finish and freshen the palate. It’s fun, fruity, pretty easy to drink (though that sweetness does build and start to get a little much). Raspberry liquorice bullets galore. Drink very soon.

    Mike Bennie- Winefront