Charlotte Dalton Beyond the Horizon Shiraz 12pk 2018

Charlotte Dalton Beyond the Horizon Shiraz 12pk 2018

Charlotte Dalton Beyond the Horizon Shiraz 12pk 2018
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Winery Details

    A labour of love, Charlotte Hardy makes wines because that is her passion she simply says "I love wine."

    Having made wine all over the world for 15 years, she has been drinking wine all over the world for longer. Whether walking through the vineyards., or immersed in the journey of turning grapes into wine, she loves to watch the personalities develop in every single barrel and to observe the effect of the years passing on bottles of wine. Charlotte thinks wine can be felt, and get so much joy making the Charlotte Dalton wines that surely, you will feel joy when you drink them. Simply put, the Charlotte Dalton Wines are made to bring her joy, happiness and contentedness and to share and hopefully pass those feelings on through the wines.

    "While Charlotte Dalton Wines may be in relative infancy, Hardy's backstory speaks of broad experience and influence. While many younger generation winemakers in the Adelaide Hills seek out smashable, simple wine styles, Hardy is quietly crafting her carefully made, refined and finessed wines." Mike Bennie, Gourmet Traveller Wine

Press Review

    Taken from the Deanery Vineyard in the Adelaide Hills, this is another Charlotte Hardy production. Tell you what, if you don’t have Charlotte Hardy wines on your map, you’re missing out. Star rising, though it was established before, just elsewhere. Surprising amount of new oak at 75%.

    Wonderfully aromatic wine offers a constellation of scents in red currants, pomegranate, lathed wood, sandalwood and macerated forest berry. Oak plays its cards in the palate, a malty undertow beneath silky medium weight fruit. Fruit flavours are concentrated, deep, dark, draw long on rails of fine, silty tannins. The wine finishes with a twist of herbs and something faintly saline. Shows some pleasing heft, a wink, a nod, then seduces with its elegance. Lovely to drink.

    Source: Mike Bennie, The Wine Front