Best's Great Western Bin No. 1 Shiraz 12pk 2017

Best's Great Western Bin No. 1 Shiraz 12pk 2017

Best's Great Western Bin No. 1 Shiraz 12pk 2017
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Winery Details

    There may be no other winery that defines the essence of Australia more than Best’s Great Western; family, history, truly unique wines, and its own region. Founded in 1866 by Henry Best, it has been managed by the Thomson family for six generations, including 50+ vintages by the current patriarch, Viv. These special wines form a true national treasure of our industry.

Press Review

    Gold Medal - Perth Royal Wine Show 2018

    Ballarat Wine Show 2018:

    Trophy 'Best Regional Red Wine'

    Trophy 'Best Regional Shiraz'

    Trophy 'Best Wine at the Chairman of Judges Discretion'

    Trophy 'Champion Wine of Show'

    Best's Great Western Bin No. 1 Shiraz 2017

    Best’s Bin 1 Shiraz, not to be confused with Best’s Bin 0.

    I looked at this over three days and a) it didn’t show an inch of oxidation at any stage, and b) all it really did throughout that time was turn increasingly elegant. On the first day I consumed a glass and was surprised at how rich and ripe it seemed; I found myself apologising to my cool-climate-loving friends (they’re Victorians, you know) for serving something so fruit dominant. Of course, they looked at me non-plussed (or with ambivalence, I’m always confusing the two). When I came back the next day and then the day after what really impressed me was the finesse of the tannin, and how seamlessly it sits in the wine. This is a wine of the spotless kind, a trait we can eternally appreciate. Berries mostly, red, blue and black; a hint of florals, some garden mint, the merest suggestion of twigs. It felt glossy and polished at first but over the course it seemed to resemble Best’s shiraz more than anything; it just has that cool-but-warm flow; drinking it is like taking a midday stroll in Spring. The t-shirt I would have printed for this wine simply says: It’s not hard to be a fan.

    Rating: 93 Points

    Source: Campbell Mattinson, The Wine Front