2 by 2 Merlot Barbera 12pk 2016

2 by 2 Merlot Barbera 12pk 2016

2 by 2 Merlot Barbera 12pk 2016
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*Available NSW*
Winery Details

    2 by 2 is the side project of married winemakers Jo Marsh and Glenn James. Jo has seen her star rise quite rapidly with her Billy Button label, and is one of the most sought after young winemakers in Australia. Glenn came to prominence a few years back with his Ducks in a Row wines, and the legendary Pandora’s Amphora. Now collaborating together on 2 by 2, they are exploring unique varietal blends, not normally seen in Australia. Sourcing fruit from the Alpine Valley region of North-East Victoria, Jo has almost singlehandedly changed perceptions on the quality of wines coming from that area. Fun, easy drinking and affordable, these limited release wines provide sensational value for money.

Press Review

    "Every time winemaker Jo Marsh makes a move she goes smaller, but better…she’s going to redefine the way the wines of the Alpine Valleys in north-east Victoria are considered.”

    Source: Campbell Mattinson, The Wine Front