Our business exists to fill a specific gap in the Australian wine industry. The gap that exists between the winery gate - where there is a complete and finished bottle of wine - and the venue where a consumer will walk in and purchase; whether it be a bottle shop, restaurant, bar or the like. Along this path exists a long and complicated route of transportation, storage, sales expertise, customer management and more.

Since the middle of the 19th century, our family has chosen to focus on this area of our industry, and consider our longevity to be indicative our our knowledge and skills. 


Somewhat incredibly, despite the passing decades, the work needed to successfully run our industry requires quality distribution partners to exist between wineries and trade customers. To do this, our work includes;

- Warehousing, storage and inventory management
- Delivery, invoicing and comprehensive customer account management
- Sales expertise & training for trade customers
- Trade marketing and exposure for winery brands

Our core beliefs define our decisions and approach to these tasks. We believe in value that is added and retained, which allows durable businesses to be formed around us. We believe having a vision leads to longevity. We are here for the long term, not because of stubborn legacy, but because of a progressive view of our work. We constantly invest, evolving with the times and their needs. We use both sophisticated technology and sophisticated people. Both keep us relevant and efficient. 

We have a track record to back up these beliefs. 

Each month, we do this work across around 2000 independent licensed customers, and all the national retail accounts.

For our winery partners - we have a singular vision of the right way to build sustainable and rewarding sales. Because of this, it’s not surprising our wineries look a lot like us; family-owned, patient, visionary, dedicated to quality. Success in these areas takes time, so it’s no coincidence we work with multi-generational wineries from around the world. You can see an overview of our partners here.

For our customers, we hope the benefits are clear - we can efficiently help them meet their creative and commercial goals for whatever their venue is trying to achieve. We prioritise what makes a difference - the best people, representing the best wines, using the best systems - and pass that value on. This allows our customers to concentrate on what drives them.  

To achieve our shared goals, we maintain a staff of sales and administrative people throughout the eastern seaboard; Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Our customer-service and key-account management is done from Sydney. We don’t gauge our success or reach by the amount of people we employ, but by the quality of them, the career paths we can offer them, and their longevity in success. 

We are still owned and operated by the Fesq family, run by the sixth generation. We are always interested in talking about how we can work together to achieve your goals in the Australian market. Feel free to reach out at any time.

More than ever, in this time of challenges, are we focussed on the future.

All the best,

David Fesq 


Many of our key staff have been with us for a decade or more. We embrace the culture of a family business, as a place where you can thrive when dedicated to our vision. 


Trade Marketing is about clearly presenting the features and benefits of the wines we sell - we take pride in both us, and our wineries, being different. Presentation is a critical part of that - starting with the new portfolio print.


We have always been based in Sydney. Starting near Circular Quay and the Rocks and then into southern Sydney. We currently based in the historial Waterview Wharf buildings in Balmain, and use warehousing and logistics partners in every state in Australia. 


Events, tastings and training sessions are a critical part of the work we do. If you believe your wines are the standard, then why not showcase this? We always have a "wine first" approach to presenting the benefits of working with us. 


We aspire to be a great employer, as well as a key partner to our customers. We travel frequently (until recently...) to our partners around the world, and include customers on these trips. We want them to see the essence of your winery, what makes it unique, what makes it special. 

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