Introducing Underground Spirits

A new direction for Vigorous Brothers and Firebrand: we are excited to announce that Canberra-based craft-distillers Underground Spirits have joined our portfolios in NSW and Victoria. In just over 12 months, Underground have taken the global spirit scene by storm, and raised the bar for the Australian distilling industry.




Founder Toby Angstmann is a man of many talents; Obstetrics doctor, distiller, and inventor. Utilising his medical expertise, Toby patented a sub-zero, sub-micron filtration process, which produces a spirit of unrivalled clarity and smoothness.


By chilling the base spirit to -35 centigrade, and then running it through their patented filtration process, the team at Underground are able to create a purity in their sprits which is unmatchable.

Proudly Australian, Underground Spirits is committed to sourcing their raw ingredients as locally as possible; they use pristine Snowy Mountain water, wheat grown in NSW, and infuse their gin with local basil and river-mint grown just up the road from the distillery.


The Spirits


Signature Vodka

Based on high quality Australian (NSW) wheat, the unique process of submicron, subzero filtration creates a superb, rich, buttery vodka experience unlike any other. This is full of life and rich with purity. Clean Snowy Mountain water hints at a taste of local Australia, distilled and purified according to clinical, exact standards leaving no after burn.




The Botanical List: Juniper, Corriander Seed, Angelika, Tasmanian Pepperberry, local Basil, Poppyseeds, Black Pepper, Lemon Myrtle, Australian River Mint and Cinnamon.

This gin starts as clean pure wheat spirit, having been filtered using the Underground Patented Filtration Method; our unique method using cold temperatures and fine filters. It then is the maceration, vapour infusion and tincture techniques which allow the botanicals to shine bright.


Shiraz & Pepperberry Gin

The Signature Gin is the base topped with tantalising Tasmanian Pepperberries. Aged in only the finest, used Australian Shiraz,  French-Oak barrels. An absolute modern classic, it presents an experience that goes a little bit deeper, tasting noticeably richer. 


Caramel Vodka


Base is the Signature Vodka, made with the same sub zero sub micron filtration process. It is then mixed with an indulgent caramel syrup made from Queensland cane sugar.