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Champagne Brimoncourt fits the Fesq & Company culture of privately held, visionary wine brands. It is our first foray into champagne for us in nearly twenty years, and it has been a patient wait for the right partner.

In reviving the Champagne Brimoncourt brand, Alexandre Cornot has achieved something rare and special; a new entrant to the Champagne field- playful, whimsical, but of very high quality. The wines remind me of a less serious time in Champagne; designed to drink whilst standing, share with joy.

David Fesq 2018 

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A CHARMING STORY of the old and the new. An old name steeped in the history of Champagne that had disappeared from labels since the 1950s. Alexandre Cornot, a young former art dealer and native of Reims, revived the brand in 2008 and set out on a quest for the “perfect Champagne House”.

Cornot’s spirit of adventure and entrepreneur-ism is reflected in the lively wines with strong personality. His move to establish a new brand in the closed-off world of Champagne was a brave one.

The wines are born in Aÿ, the historical heart of the Champagne region. Their quest for excellence relies upon access to the best crus in Champagne.

Brimoncourt takes us back to the time when Champagne was a LIGHT and JOYFUL WINE, a wine for drinking with friends and not at all formal or pretentious. The ideal by the glass style.

We encourage you to read more about Champagne Brimoncourt, and to speak with us about the opportunity to discover these new wines.